You're here.  Great!

Thank you for visiting my website.   I know that I mention it  on stage, and at every opportunity I get during a radio or TV interview and its also printed on thousands of postcards that I've handed out at my shows but still, nice of you to come.   We're bombarded with so much stimuli these days that its amazing we can retain anything, so that makes you're being here all the more impressive.

If I might make a small suggestion that will help you to get the most enjoyment out of this website, please join my mailing list.  That way, you'll get access to special hidden videos and other fun stuff. Also, when ever I'm going to be on TV or radio, or mabye even doing a live show in your general vicinity, I will be able to let you, and everyone else on my mailing list, know about it.

The only other time you'll receive someting sent to my mailing list is if I put up a new video or need to share my thoughts about overthrowing the government.  Seriously, I will definitely not be bombarding your in-box with random nonsense sent to my mailing list.  If you've seen my show, you know I have A.D.D so its quite possible I may forget that I even have a mailing list.   Anyway, if at any point, you want to get off the list, you can simply unsubcribe.  So what you say?   Actually, it doesn't matter what you say.   What matters is that you click here.

Enjoy the videos!


Glen Foster




Sunday July 31st at The Black Bull Pub in Burlington.